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Your appointment price is set at the Core Service Provided 
See below for more details.
Womens Haircut and Style
Hair Color
Hair Perm

Wash and Set/Blow Dry Only

Childrens Hair Styles 12 & Under 




Salon Specialties - Curly Hair
I know how to work with curly hair, the unique ways it grows,  how to do great styles as I have a personal expertise (I have naturally curly hair) in working with all varieties of curl. Your hair can do more than you know! 
Hair Color and Highlighting
Color is a wonderful thing!  Whether you want to be blond, black, brunette, or bronze I focus on coloring hair to achieve the most natural and flattering hair color possible.  If there is one aspect of hairdressing where experience counts it is when mixing, applying, and timing color to achieve the desired results!  

Single Core Pricing
Your appointment price is determined by the Core Service selected and includes everything that your hair needs to achieve the final Core Service desired.

Is your core service a Women's Hair Cut? Your cost is NOT adjusted up for reasons other salons charge like hair length. At Edda's, hair washing, deep conditioning, finishing products and use of other styling tools and techniques to finish your style are all included in the Single Core Price.

If your Core Service a Hair Color? No up pricing for the technique or length of hair that you would find at other salons. The Single Core Price you pay is for the Hair Color and includes whatever it takes to finish your look, including a hair cut if needed, without adding an additional cost. 

Is your core service a Men's Haircut? Your visit includes everything including beard trims and products from the Men's Crew Product line. 

Big salon chains and exclusive high end salons require their stylists to push product sales, add on to the price with extra treatments, and seem to be vauge on what their up pricing entails or will mean to your bottom line at the end of the appointment. 

As the sole owner of my salon for 35 years,  I answer to only one person - you, my customer. My goal is to enhance your look and provide quality and upfront service. When you sit in the Chair with your Core Service Selected, the price stated is the final price you pay. Come in, selected your Core Service, and allow me to show you what your hair can do! The Chair is Open! 

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